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The history of the club

The ECC was founded by Mr. Dieter R. Balb, Rothenburg, 1984.
It was just the idea to bring english-speaking people from the world together, no matter what color or religion they are and to improve the English language.
Everyone is welcome in the club. We don't talk about freedom in the world, we practise it in our small world and we agree in our intention to live in good neighbourhood with all people.

The first meeting took place on Wednesday, April 11, 1984 in the "Altfränkische Weinstube". Special guest was Mr. Gordon Grant, a business man from New Zealand. He started us off with a presentation of how he perceives people in different parts of the world. Since 1984 we had meetings with about 5000 guests.

In the local paper "Fränkischer Anzeiger", June 20, 1906 we found an advertisement of a local "Englischer Club" and his meeting in the Gasthaus "Felsenkeller". As far as we know, an English-Club existed 90 years ago. In November 17, 1993, we celebrated our 500th meeting.

Article in ROTOUR 01/09
Have fun every wednesday, be friendly, speak english, meet friends...

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